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    'The Struggle is Real' Baby Shower Gift Set

    'The Struggle is Real' Baby Shower Gift Set

    For new moms, the struggle is real. And that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. It's just real. It's different. I mean, what just happened? Oh yeah, they grew a kid inside them, it came out in one of two ways—both rude for their own reasons—and now it's supposed to suckle boobs to stay alive? And then sometimes they don't even want to suckle so they try your best to make friends with a pumping apparatus—which may or may not help produce the milk they need to get those antibodies in the kid, much less feed them. What else more can this baby need from them?! Oh yeah, constant attention for the next…um, remainder of it's life. The struggle is real. And that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. It's just real. It's different.

    Net net. New moms need coffee because of that whole boob/pumping/trying to feed the very hungry baby. 

    They need a notebook to write down when the baby actually did suckle, when they peed, when they pooped because for some reason the doctor makes new moms feel all paranoid to make sure the baby is peeing and pooping which, I guess, means they're eating. I know there's an app for that, but did this new mom remember to charge her phone? Chances are, no. Thus, the coffee. It's a revolving situation that will indeed get better. But not for a few months to several years depending on the child. Eventually they will also want to jot down nap times. Because another obsession is the amount of sleep they are getting. I mean, what's going to happen if they don't get enough sleep! Nobody knows for sure, new parents are too focussed on not finding out.

    The cute bib is necessary because the baby is actually super cute and a special someone gifted them a super expensive adorable outfit that the mom will want to post to Instagram later, showing the cuteness and proving to themselves that they are actually getting the hang of this new mommy thing. No sweat mom! The baby is super cute. Maybe they'll wanna pull out that notebook again to remember these warm thoughts. 

    So, this is much more than about a faulty umbrella called Urstella from the Letter U: Ulysses Ulinsky Story in the ZYX Project. Although, how annoying is it when your umbrella fails on ya?

    Each piece is sold separately so you can customize your own gift set. Get  20% off each piece in the collection when you buy 2+ pieces from 'The Struggle is Real' Baby Shower Gift Set.