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    For New Moms, The Struggle IS Real

    'The Struggle is Real' Baby Shower Gift Set

    For new moms, the struggle is real. I mean, what just happened? Oh yeah, a human grew inside them, came out in one of two ways—both rude for their own reasons—and now it's completely dependent on them for the next, um remainder of it's life. It's a lot of work. Physically and mentally. Thankfully, The Struggle is Real Baby Shower Gift Set has all the goods that will help make their lives a little easier.

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    Mother's Day + Davie Bowie

    The MoMeMans visit David Bowie Is at the Brooklyn Museum

    In the spirit of experiences vs stuff, my family planned an outing see the David Bowie Is exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum for Mother's Day. It's created a big buzz around town and we thought it'd be more fun than fighting for a brunch table. 

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    For a Day Foundation

    All day today, November 28th, 100% of profits from the store will go directly to the For a Day Foundation. Started 17 years ago by a dear friend Jenna Edwards, For a Day a non-profit helping kids with cancer through Queen for a Day & Hero for a Day programs. A whole day these kids and their families don't have to think about anything else but being a fabulous kid.

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    Why Create The MoMeMans?

    Why Create The MoMeMans?

    I wanted my daughter to learn to appreciate who she was, all her unique strengths and accept others for who they are and their unique strengths. Inner and outer. I mean, as a parent, don't we all? As a human, don't we all? If we were all the same, we'd have some pretty tough blind spots. Being different helps us see things from different angles and allows us to solve problems and create for the community as a whole. 

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    Can a Kangaroo Moo?

    A Thing or Two About U. by Monica Escobar Allen

    In the works! Find Lou and his buddy Sue on their adventure through a ridiculously huge zoo to find a kangaroo, named Hugh, who may or may not choose to moo when they ask him to.

    This book is all about the sounds and spelling of the long U sound. Hopefully the first in a series of all vowel sounds, but let's get this one out the door first…just in the last revisions over here. 

    I'll be updating about this project, the world of book publishing and it's journey into stores and hopefully, your home.

    Stay tuned.

    The MoMeMans! It's official!

    The MoMeMans™ by Monica Escobar Allen

    Thank you for visiting.

    Hi there. And welcome to The MoMeMans.

    My name is Monica Escobar Allen. I'm a lifelong doodler, songwriter and teller of silly stories in random rhymes. This enthusiasm for silly was always pretty random and useless but it all started falling into place after I had a baby girl. The MoMeMans is a project I started actively dreaming about in 2015 after the second time I went freelance* and sort of had some time on my hands. 

    Over the last two years, I've been drawing, designing, making things, changing things and making more things. I've learned nine different web platforms, researched vendors and manufacturers. I’ve waited patiently – but not so patiently – to get good samples, bad samples and super amazing samples of potential products. I've written, re-written, re-positioned. Made dinner, packed lunches, taught myself how to edit and animate. Written songs with my husband, Ryan, and my musical guru, Donny Dykowsky to give these MoMeMans some life. I've stayed up late, reworked art before the family woke up, freelanced 12-hour days, potty-trained my kid and worked during her [successful] weekend naps. I've shot and reshot product in different light. I've second-guessed everything and started again. And right now, I'm pretty ecstatic to have gotten to this point. So, thank you for being there. Thank you for being here. Thank you for your interest. I've enjoyed creating these characters and giving them lives and it’d be pretty cool if you liked them too. I have so many more videos and stories in-the-works and things I want to create. But it's one thing at a time, right? Thank you for visiting. Thank you for coming with me! 

    This is just the beginning…

    *I'd gone freelance three years before to start figuring out this very thing but then realized I had no money in savings and so I took a freelance job a week after I quit my job and that freelance job turned into eight-months permalance that turned into three years full-time. So, let's try this again folks.