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    We've been GIPHY'd!

    We've been GIPHY'd!

    Jazz and pizzazz up your IG Stories, your TikToks, your Tweets, your Tinders and all things social with our Giphy stickers! Just type: momemans in GIFs search bars and there we are! Now how's that for an exciting Thursday morning?!

    Our Favorite Poem for Poetry Month

    The MoMeMans Philosophy: We are who we are. All of us near and far. Different faces and social graces. Different parts and different smarts. Stumbling, growing, learning, knowing the best of me, and the best of you, make what's possible something true!
    On this last day of Poetry Month, I wanted to reshare our philosophy poem and chant! We love this poem because it embodies everything we stand for. Inclusion, acceptance and togetherness for a world of possibility for everyone! 

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    Listen to The MoMeMans on Spotify!

    The MoMeMans: A Place Called MoMeMa Playlist on Spotify. Music for kids. Catchy tunes for little kids and grown-up kids by Monica Escobar Allen.

    We are up and running on Spotify! Whether you're on the go or in the home, we've got four minutes of fun tunes ready to be heard...on repeat. Click here to go directly to our "The MoMeMans: A Place Called MoMeMa" playlist in Spotify. Enjoy the playlist or listen to each single as you like, whatever you floats your music boat! And don't forget to hit the follow button and share it with your friends! We love making new friends as much as we love making music!

    The MoMeMans + Spotify, Bringing the Music Straight to Your Family!

    The MoMeMans are on Spotify! Find The MoMeMans and listen up to your favorite Kid's Playlist!

    We are launching on Spotify THIS SUNDAY, April 25! Yahooo! Now you will be able to enjoy all of our wacky stories whenever you want! Look out for our playlist and I’ll check back around to letcha know how to find it, once I figure out how to find it! #stillfiguringitout

    The biggest thank you to my favorite musical genius, Donny Dykowsky for being the best music partner! I already can't wait to get back into the studio!