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    2022 Gift Guide that Gets Specific

    Very Specific Gift Ideas for the Very Specific People in Your Life. by Monica Escobar Allen. Brooklyn, NY
    Here are some very specific gift ideas for the very specific people that may or may not be in your life. Although, it's more helpful if they are. Like, your BBF who's reading "The Artist's Way." Or, Kids with Fun Moms. Friends Who Only Buy Local and Organic. And, Parents of Toddlers Who Aren't Afraid to Get Down and Dirty. Are these peeps in your life?

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    Meet the Artist: Monica Escobar Allen

    Monica Escobar Allen. Meet the Artist of The MoMeMans® Bringing Joy to Parenting by Finding the Funny, Sunny Side with Stories + Baby Goods + Gifts for Creative Grown-Up Kids. Brooklyn, NY

    Who is this Monica? Short answer, a city-loving-writer-illustrator-music-maker-bread-baker-weirdo-turned-mama who lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband, daughter and a lot of plants.

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