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    2018, The Year I Had to be a Real-Life MoMeMan

    The MoMeMans 2018 Look back on a year of learning, stumbling and growing by Monica Escobar Allen.
    The MoMeMans Philosophy is all about finding your own strengths and using them to help others. Not trying to be like this person or that person. Doing what you can with who you are. And pretty much daily, I've had to remind myself to also behave this way. So, maybe it's a pretty good philosophy. At least, for me. Wait, did I create this whole thing for myself? Is this true? Yikes. Talk about self-reflection. 

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    First-Ever Pop-Up at Artists & Fleas Brooklyn

    The MoMeMans® at Artists & Fleas Brooklyn #artistsandfleas #afinbk

    Yay for The MoMeMans! This weekend was somewhat of a momentous occasion. It was super fun to be outside my little bubble and talk to real-life people who have no idea who I am or who The MoMeMans are. And guess what? People laughed. Strangers smiled. Inquisitive folks asked questions. 

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    Trust me, I've been working

    The MoMeMans® at Artists & Fleas #AFinBK #artistsandfleas

    I had to put a pause on the ZYX Project because I have some big things going on.  Here's what I've been up to.

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    From the beginning...

    The Little Lilans Family by Monica Escobar [Allen]

    I guess I've always drawn little characters. My mom just mailed me this little gem. I barely remember writing/drawing it. Maybe it's from around 5th grade??? Who knows. But it appears as though I may have had DNA and family character traits on my mind. I also think it's funny that I was playing with typography for their name titles.

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    Yay for us!

    Congratulations to The MoMeMans®

    When my lawyer said it would take a year to officially get registered, I sorta believed him. But sheesh, it really did. But it's official! Nothing's gonna stop us now! Cue the track and go ahead and have a cocktail for us. We won't stop ya either!

    For New Moms, The Struggle IS Real

    'The Struggle is Real' Baby Shower Gift Set

    For new moms, the struggle is real. I mean, what just happened? Oh yeah, a human grew inside them, came out in one of two ways—both rude for their own reasons—and now it's completely dependent on them for the next, um remainder of it's life. It's a lot of work. Physically and mentally. Thankfully, The Struggle is Real Baby Shower Gift Set has all the goods that will help make their lives a little easier.

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